What is the Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund?

A financial endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization for the ongoing support of that organization.  Typically an endowment is structured so that the principal is kept intact while the investment income is available for use.  While a portion of the principal in an endowment fund may be expended given certain conditions, the primary purpose of an endowment fund is to provide a financial bedrock for an organization through the generation of investment and interest income which can be utilized to support the organization’s mission on an ongoing basis.  

“The Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation’s board of Directors created an endowment fund in an effort to insure the availability of funds to support improvements and operations of Timber Pointe Outdoor Center for generations to come.”  -Jim Waldorf, Timber Pointe Foundation President

Timber Pointe Foundation donors have several gifting options…

-Unrestricted gifts
-Gifts designated to support specific current initiatives
-Gifts to the Foundation’s general endowment fund
-Gifts to a named fund within the general endowment fund.  Named funds honor an organization, family or individual.   Such a named fund was created to honor Jim Malay, steadfast friend of Timber Pointe campers and their families and past President of the Timber Pointe Foundation.   Jim had an unstoppable passion for the Timber Pointe Foundation’s mission and viewed the creation of an endowment as an excellent way to help insure the ongoing impact of the Foundation’s efforts.

Gifts to the Foundation can be made by simply clicking on the “Donate” tab or by mail addressed to Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation, P.O. Box 233, Bloomington, IL 61702.   If you would like more information please click on the “Contact Us” tab to email or to visit by phone.