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Fall/Winter 2018

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One Summer...Partnerships...A Zillion Smiles

Timber Pointe Outdoor Center (TPOC) began partnering with the SIU School of Medicine over 20 years ago to provide specialized overnight camping and outdoor adventure opportunities for children with special needs resulting from their cancer treatment and their siblings. “Camp COCO’s goal is to care for special kids, build self-confidence, create bonds of friendship and hope, and support families.”

During the 2018 summer season TPOC also partnered with the Dax Foundation’s Camp Hope, serving children from central Illinois’ St. Jude’s affiliate and “dedicated to providing kids with cancer and blood disorders, from all over the state of Illinois, the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood and the feeling of just being a kid again.” The success of both of these camp programs depend on the skill and dedication of a host of volunteers, medical staff, specialized counseling and program staff as well as Timber Pointe’s unique human and physical resources.

Deegan conquers the zip line!

An additional partner critical to making these amazing experiences possible is the Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation. By providing capital funding for accessible lodging, healthcare resources, specialized and adapted programming elements, equipment and infrastructure, the Foundation and our donors have allowed the Outdoor Center to significantly enhance and maintain accessibility, health, safety and fun factor elements while keeping overhead and program costs low.

In the midst of a morning program session young Deegan, a particularly outgoing and enthusiastic Camp Hope camper, approached Camp Director Allen McBride. “I wish it was easier to get around camp. The little rocks make my wheelchair bounce and it hurts.”

While the Timber Pointe Foundation has provided thousands of dollars to improve the accessibility of paths and trails at Timber Pointe over the past 2 decades, there is a real need to upgrade and repair primary access to cabins and program areas. The Foundation is currently seeking financial and in-kind gifts to address this need as early as next spring.

Campers...and A Zillion Smiles

One Summer...Additional Partnerships...A Zillion Memories

More than 1,200 campers with disabilities and special needs had the time of their lives during the Timber Pointe 2018 summer camp season. The high ropes course zip line was just one of the experiences afforded campers throughout the summer.

Dr. Heeren Patel, MDA Summer Camp physician described the reaction of campers:

“It was amazing watching the near immediate transformation in the campers from initially being anxious and nervous while getting setup to being ecstatic and confident after they had finished the zip line run. Ziplining at camp wholeheartedly embodies the spirit of allowing the campers to aim higher and bigger in everything that they attempt to do in their lives.”

In recent years the Timber Pointe Foundation has provided funds supporting equipment acquisition and upgrades. The Foundation hopes to realize $25,000 in gifts to the Foundation allowing the addition of two major elements to the course before the 2019 summer season.

How You Can Help the Timber Pointe Foundation Make a Difference!

Kyleigh celebrates another thrilling run on the zip line!

Timber Pointe Foundation donors have several gifting options...

• Unrestricted gifts

•Gifts designated to support specific current initiatives

•Gifts to the Foundation’s general endowment fund

•Gifts to a named fund within the general endowment fund. Named funds honor an organization, family, or individual.

Gifts to the Foundation can be made by simply going to our website: and clicking on the “Donate” tab.

You may also send your donation by mail addressed to: Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation P.O. Box 233 Bloomington, IL 61702 For more information, please click on the “Contact Us” tab on the website, or visit by phone.

The primary focus of Timber Pointe Foundation’s efforts is funding capital improvements as well as the management and growth of endowment funds intended to secure the future of Timber Pointe operations for generations to come.

Board Members

Jim Waldorf, President

Don D Rood, Jr, Vice President

Jennifer Gentes, Treasurer

Joe Stewart, Secretary


David Bateman

Willie Brown

Cathy Gronemeier

Dennis Killian

Tom Mercier

Robbie Osenga

Josh Yoder


The Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation was established as an independent 501 (c) (3) organization in 1996 for the sole purpose of securing funding and resources in support of development and operation of facilities and programming at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center.

The Foundation has no paid staff and is governed by a local board of directors comprised of various community and business leaders. Accordingly, 100% of foundation funding is dedicated to the improvement and support of Timber Pointe’s facilities, programs and services.

Please visit the Timber Pointe Foundation website at to learn more about the Foundation and the amazing way Timber Pointe Outdoor Center is enhancing the lives of children and adults with special needs.

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