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In Person or By Mail

Gifts or inquires made by mail may be addressed to:


Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation

P.O. Box 233

Bloomington, IL 61702


Give online via credit card with PayPal or donate via Venmo with the buttons below.

Over the Phone

Click on the phone number below to call and make a donation today.

(309) 431-1333

By Email

To discuss giving opportunities, please send a message to the email address below.

Why donate?

All donations directly support the Foundation’s mission to provide specialized outdoor recreation, experiential education, respite and family support programs for individual with disabilities and special needs in a fun safe and accessible environment.


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The Foundation is a qualified charitable corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts to the Foundation qualify for deductions for income and estate tax purposes and may be made in a variety of ways including:

  • Cash gifts/credit cards

  • Memorial and honorary gifts

  • Stocks

  • Planned giving

  • Endowment gifts, etc.


Gifts may be designated as "Unrestricted Gifts", gifts to be used where they are most needed or as "Endowment Gifts". Endowment gifts are invested with earnings used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes and to secure the future of ongoing programs and services at Timber Pointe.

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Join the team at The Timber Pointe Outdoor Center and volunteer to help the hundreds of children and adults with a broad range of special needs that come to the center each year. Volunteers plays a crucial role in supporting the unique resources The Timber Pointe Outdoor Center has to offer such as adaptive sports, nature exploration, or facilitating team-building exercises. The center's commitment to inclusivity and nature creates an environment where volunteers can contribute to a fostering sense of community, empowerment, and connection, not only with other volunteers, but with the participants as well. Click the button below to get in contact with the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center for volunteer opportunities.

real camp experiences

Thank you so much for allowing me to attend camp this year. To be quite honest this is just what I needed especially when it comes to my mental health during all the chaos as of late. If the chance ever comes for me to attend Camp again whether it be this summer or future Summers I would be very ecstatic to do so. I hope this summer continues to go well for you and the rest of the TPOC staff members. This time Camp gave me something that I very much needed and that something is serenity and in a way, freedom.

from a camper

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