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August 2022 Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Given the close of a very successful Timber Pointe Outdoor Center summer camp season, I would like to share a little about the children and adults served and recent improvements to the Center’s facilities. During the course of the summer Easterseals camp sessions as well as partnerships with Kiwanis’ Camp Limberlost, Camp Horizon and MDA provided life enhancing experiences for 387 campers with broad-ranging needs. As is often the case, a camper or parent best shares the impact Timber Pointe has on a camper and their family.

“Summer camp...Something I never thought would be possible for Lila to experience independently. She spent five days making friends, experiencing life for the first time without mom, dad or grandparents, and she did all the camp things: archery, camp fires, pool parties, horseback riding, baking, art, animals, zip lines, a talent show, dance, a food fight and more...Thank you for making camp a possibility for Lila and for doing it the right way. Timber Pointe has our hearts! 

- Lila’s Mother

This year, Timber Pointe Foundation received a matching grant from the Woods Foundation to improve the accessibility and safety of roads and pathways throughout the entire facility. To date $38,040 was allocated to resurface roads and pathways leading to residential cabins, the pool complex and the Lodge (dining hall and medical facilities). All work was completed prior to the beginning of the summer camp season. Work completed was the first of a three phase initiative. Phase two will begin this fall and will include improvements to the main road leading into the Center, major pathways leading to the high ropes and challenge activity areas as well as those providing access to equestrian facility and a variety of program areas.

Outcomes have more than justified efforts and investments to date and the Foundation Board has committed $85,000 to complete phase two. Please consider partnering with us by going to the Timber Pointe Foundation website at Simply click on the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page, then on the “I Want to Help” box to donate via credit card or PayPal. If you prefer you can also mail your donation to:

Timber Pointe Foundation, P.O. Box 233 Bloomington, IL 61702.

Thank you in advance for your caring consideration and support!

Don D Rood, Jr.

President, Timber Pointe Foundation Board

Jim Waldorf, Vice President

Jennifer Gentes, Secretary/Treasurer

Tom Mercier, Member at Large

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