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June 2023 Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

A spring retreat for families who have a child with a disability or challenging illness served as an awesome prelude to Timber Pointe Outdoor Center’s 2023 summer camp season. Overnight summer sessions are now well underway with themes like “Neverland”, “Superhero Academy”, “Party in the USA” and “Camp Hollywood” all designed to meet the needs of children and adults with a broad range of disabilities. Inclusive “adventure day camp” programs will also run throughout the summer months.

Timber Pointe also partnered with several mission-oriented organizations to facilitate 6 additional overnight camps serving community youth, campers affected by neuromuscular diseases, adults with physical disabilities and children affected by cancer and blood diseases. Thanks to the generosity of our Timber Pointe Foundation donors and our partnership with the Woods Foundation the second phase of a multi-year project to complete upgrades to the accessibility and safety of the Center’s roads, pathways and trails was completed this spring, just in time for what promises to be another action packed and life changing summer! Bottom line: our campers can now access EVERY amenity and facility in the camp via a paved trail! This is an amazing upgrade. Thank you all. A dedication of “Woods Way” and the newly accessible trail system will take place at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center on August 6th.

Watch the Timber Pointe Foundation Facebook page for upcoming details. And remember, ROODSTOCK, our annual fundraiser, is August 26 this year and will include a special TRIBUTE to our Co-Founder David Bateman and his wonderful wife Jenni. No Batemans, no Foundation…it’s that simple. Look us up on Facebook and don’t miss the Invitation insert within this mailer. Would love to see you ALL in Eureka, IL in August for the party!

Finally, as we look to the year ahead, we ask you to consider partnering with us as we complete the final phase of trail and pathway initiatives and address the goal of generating $300,000 in contributed funding to begin upgrades to a cluster of Timber Pointe’s cabins, equipping them to provide year-round and accessible housing to support full-family programs. You can simply go to the Timber Pointe Foundation Facebook page and click on the donate button or to the Foundation’s website at Simply click on the “Donate Now” button page, then on the “I Want to Help” box to donate via credit card or PayPal. If you prefer you can also mail your donation to: Timber Pointe

Foundation, P.O. Box 233 Bloomington, IL 61702.

Thank you in advance for your caring consideration and amazing continued support!

Don D Rood, Jr.

President, Timber Pointe Foundation Board

Jim Waldorf, Vice President

Jennifer Gentes, Secretary/Treasurer

Members at Large:

Tom Mercier

David Cate

Abby Boerke

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