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October 2020 Letter from the President

Dear Friends of Timber Pointe… beautiful fall and holiday greetings to you all!

It’s been a strong year for Timber Pointe Outdoor Center and the Foundation is proud to be an ongoing part of the vision and progression of the camp facilities. Most recently, as we’ve been pursuing since mid-2019, work is underway to pave major portions of the pathways throughout the camp, providing access for all users to all areas. This is great to see and there is a lot of work scheduled for next spring and beyond. Early results are exciting and beautiful. Come on out and see it!

Timber Pointe Outdoor Center programming has evolved in very significant ways to address recent challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing needs of individuals, families and our central Illinois community. These challenges have encouraged an expanded approach to Timber Pointe’s mission through an enhanced focus on supporting the family unit, educational opportunities as well as mental health and social/emotional support. Unique education, day camp, respite and overnight camp programs were developed in addition to uniquely supported family retreats. The creativity of the staff has kept the spirit and magic of camp at the center of Timber Pointe’s mission while enhancing opportunities that provided critical supports to families.

As we look to the immediate future, improvements to the Outdoor Center’s facilities are needed. Family focused accommodations are needed to supplement existing dorm style cabins and lodges with bunk beds and common toilet and shower areas. Additional accessible pathways to program areas and lodging need to be added. And, replacement and expansion of Timber Pointe’s maintenance facilities will also address the safety and security of the Timber Pointe facilities.

The historic partnership between the Timber Pointe Foundation and our donors has made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of deserving children and families with disabilities and special needs. As part of Easter Seals Centennial Campaign, the Timber Pointe Foundation has committed to raise $300,000 to then be matched by Easterseals in support of these needed improvements! Please go to the Timber Pointe Foundation website at and click on the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page, then click on the “I Want to Help” box to make a donation via credit card or PayPal. If you prefer you can mail your donation to: Timber Pointe Foundation, P.O. Box 233 Bloomington, IL 61702. Can’t thank you enough for your generous, consistent support! We have A LOT to be thankful for.

Don D Rood, Jr.

President, Timber Pointe Foundation Board

Jim Waldorf, Vice President

Jennifer Gentes, Treasurer Joe Stewart, Secretary

Cathy Gronemeier

Tom Mercier

Dale Karr

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