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May 2020 Letter from the President

Updated: Mar 28

Dear Friends, At this time of year the Timber Pointe Foundation typically produces our spring newsletter to share about the upcoming summer season at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center and initiatives our Foundation has undertaken in support of the Camp’s mission. However, we are all experiencing this very unique season! I am writing this personal letter to share what the Foundation can do to help Timber Pointe Outdoor Center weather the current challenges.

The Timber Pointe Foundation’s primary purpose has always been to generate and manage funds to support capital projects and improvements at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. During the early winter months the Foundation was preparing to mount a capital funding initiative in support of critical accessibility upgrades and improvements at Timber Pointe. However, in other times of pressing need, the Foundation has also chosen to provide funding in support of operational expenses.

For Timber Pointe Outdoor Center, as for so many businesses and organizations, this is a time of considerable financial strain. Programming and operations at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center have, by necessity, been suspended indefinitely. Revenues tied to programming, partner group contracts and facility rentals that support ongoing operational expenses will not be realized. Resulting shortfalls may significantly impact the availability and quality of specialized programs and respite services that so greatly enhance the lives of Timber Pointe campers and their families.

Accordingly, I am asking you to consider partnering with our Foundation to provide $25,000 in funding to support Timber Pointe Outdoor Center operations during the coming months. Our Board has committed $12,500 to match, dollar for dollar, donations from our friends and neighbors.

If you can, go to the Timber Pointe Foundation website at and click on the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page. Then on the “I Want to Help” box, make a donation via credit card or PayPal.

If you prefer you can mail your donation to: Timber Pointe Foundation, P.O. Box 233 Bloomington, IL 61702.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. We all look forward to experiencing those smiling faces at Timber Ponte Outdoor Center again very soon!

Thank you all!

Don D Rood, Jr. President, Timber Pointe Foundation Board

Jim Waldorf, Vice President

Jennifer Gentes, Treasurer

Joe Stewart, Secretary

Tom Mercier

Cathy Gronemeier

Dale Karr

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